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About Us

Ishizumi & Co. is an art fan maker in Kyoto, Japan established in1881 by Kisaburo Ishizumi,I.

Ishizumi & Co. and Imperial Royal Family
Art Fans of Ishizumi & Co. from Kyoto, Japan are supported and appointed by H. E.Priest Imperial Prince of Shorei-in Monzeki, Higashifushimi Imperial Priest and H.I.H Former Prince Tsuneyasu, House of Takeda.

British Royal Family and Ishizumi Fan.
King Edward VIII was a lover of fan art and placed orders to Ishizumi & Co. by sending his private secretary Sir. Godfrey Thomas to Kyoto, Japan.

Attualmente la Ishizumi & Co Us è diretta da Naomi Rebecca Ishizumi della sesta generazione della famiglia.

Naomi Rebecca Ishizumi

"Below is a copy of Official Guide Book of Kyoto City published in 1910"

Photo from ishizumi fan design model , Ishizumi Fan Design Pattern of Jan. 22, 1906 ISHIZUMI Fan Design Pattern of January 22, 1906 which returned to Ishizumi & Co. after 106 year's possession by an art collector in U.S.

You can visit, by appointment, our show rooms.

New York Gallery (By Appointment)
2109 Broadway
New York, N.Y. 10023
New York Shop
1073, 6th Avenue, New York, N.Y.

Ishizumi Fan Company, a corporation established in U.S.A, has closed its Tokyo gallery when it transferred all collection of fans remained in Tokyo from London Brunei Gallery to New York after all of contemporary Ishizumi fans as well as all Ishizumi antique fans had been displayed at SOAS, University of London in January through March, 2012.

Please be remined however all contemporary Ishizumi fans have been and will be made into fans in Kyoto by the hands of talented craftmen and craftwomen in Kyoto. Therefore, we are proud to say that Ishizumi fans are "Made in Kyoto."