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The Art of Japanese Fan Making(Central Synagogue)

Central Synagogue
Central Synagogue

Discover the beautiful art of Japanese fan making with sixth generation japanese fan maker, Kanji Ishizumi.
Ishizumi & Co. is probably the only fan maker in the world which creates and distributes decorative art fans of a very high quality for art collectors and museums.
Historically, Ishizumi Fans have been used and enjoyed by ladies of high society in Europe and America.
Ishizumi fans are exquisite products of art applying both the finest painting on the fan leaf, and craftsmanship of the fan body. Ishizumi fans are decorative and therefore best displayed in a frame on a wall, or on a table top in a fan-stand.
Book tickets via the office on 020 7580 1355.

Ishizumi Fan Sales at FANA conference, San Antonio, Texas, April 2014

400th Anniversary of Japan-British Relations, www.japan400.com, Fan Design Competition, Winners' Fans Presentation at Worshipful Company of Fanmakers' 8 Dowgate Hill, London on Dec. 21, 2013. Ishizumi & Co. sponsored the Competition.

Ishizumi "Shunga" fan sales at British Museum shop.

Uchiwa fan prepared by Ishizumi & Co.

Ishizumi Fan Making Workshop, Northwest, USA, August 2013

Volunteer fan workshop in Seattle care home in 8/13

Ishizumi Fan Tsunami Charity Sales in California, Summer 2013

Ishizumi Fans, SOAS Fan Design Competition Winners' Fans, Permanent Exhibition at Brunei Gallery University of London SOAS(January 21, 2013)

Ishizumi Fan Sales at Asia House, London, December 6, 2012

Ishizumi Fan Exhibition and Sales Silicon Valley, California at Iwasawa Oriental Art. November 1, 2012

Annoucement by Ishizumi Fan

London Animecon/ishizumi Fan Sales/June 30, 2012/ Ishizumi Fan launched anime-manga fans.

Ishizumi Fan Presentation in Honolulu, Hawaii in June 2012

Ishizumi Fan Exhibition and Sale, at Fan Association of North America, Tucson, Arizona, USA. April 28, 2012

Talk by Kanji Ishizumi at Official Residence of Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh, Scotland on April 3, 2012

Thanks letter from Consul of Japanese Embassy in Edinburgh.

Ishizumi Fan/Tucson, Arizona

Photos from Edinburgh Central Library, Ishizumi Fan Exhibition, 4/12, welcoming Consul General of Japan and Consul of Japan in Edinburgh

Japanese Art Fan Lecture(from Kyoto)Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Ishizumi Fan Exhibition at Edinburgh, Scotland From April 2nd to 10th, 2012

Photo from brunei gallery ishizumi fan exhibition london

Photo from ishizumi fan exhibition fall london, oriental club

A blog about Japan, Italy, England, Thailand and South Korea.

Interpreting Japanese Fans by Kanji Ishizumi

Lecture on Interpreting Japanese Fan at Daiwa Foundation in London on November 4th, 2011

IIshizumi fan sale in Midtown, New York, at Waza in Kinokuniya,1073 Sixth Ave.(41st St.), New York, NY 10018 from Oct. 1 toOct.30, 2011.

Fan Making Workshop, Seattle, USA, August 2011

Ishizumi Fan Summer 2011 Exhibition in Seattle, Lynwood Center

Asia Pacific Museum, Pasadena, Californai, Ishizumi Fan Making Workshop, May 1, 2011

Ishizumi fans are being sold at the Museum Shop of Asian Civilization Museum of Singapore from April 2011 to October 2011.

Ishizumi Fan Presentation at Fan Association of North America, Long Beach, California, May 2011

Invitation from 2011 Los Angeles FANA gathering host committee

Long Beach California date--FANA gathering 2011 on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Los Angeles/-- Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our from Japan the first speaker Kanji Ishizumi
We think agreement though the FANA member (Mr. Kanji Ishizumi) from Japan is the first speaker of us of 2011FANA Assemblage to be a very glad though are still at some plan stages of the Assemblage event. He will present the multimedia program by the emphasis on the history from which the family of him in Japan on Fan of Japan (ogi, fan, and uchiwa) makes businesses as much as fans. He is the fifth generation of Ishizumi Co. of the in existence since 1881 relative. He is planning to bring several pre-1940 fans shown in Assemblage. We are convinced of the desire that he may answer the question that you can have in surroundings of some Japanese fans.

The Saturday morning lecture by Mr. Ishizumi is free and open to the public. Any interested person may view the fan sale and fan auction but must be a member to sell fans or make purchases. For purchasing fans, memberships will be available at the door. To request a membership and reserve a table for selling fans, please contact the committee members whose names follow.

"We are most fortunate that FANA member, Mr. Kanji Ishizumi, from Japan has agreed to be our Saturday keynote speaker on the subject of Japanese Fans," said Committee Co-chairs Pat Capone and Tracy Winkler. "He will tell attendees about his family's 130-year old company of fan makers and will give a multimedia presentation about the Japanese Fan and share several fans in his collection. This will be a unique opportunity to ask questions about Japanese fan making."

Singapore's Asian Civilisations Museum Fan Making Workshop by Ishizumi & Co.

Ishizumi fans are being sold at the Museum Shop of Asian Civilization Museum of Singapore from April 2011 to October 2011.

Ishizumi Fan Lecture at Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California
Pacific Asia Museum-Newsletter 

Pacific Asia Museum-Upcoming Events 

New York Ishizumi Fan Exhibition and Lecture at Tenri Cultural Institue on February 26, 2011

Ishizumi Fan Exhibition in New York on November 6 and 7, 2010

Ishizumi & Co. Pop-art fan exhibition in Seattle in August, 2010

Ishizumi & Co. had Fan Exhibition in Seattle on August 14 and 15

Los Angeles seminar by.Kanji Ishizumi 

Thank you for attending Fireside Colloquium on August 4.
Mr. Ishizumi has asked me to forward his thank you letter to everyone who was in attendance (please see below).
To all attendees,
Thank you very much for your coming to my presentation on Japanese fan at Japan Foundation two week ago. It was my great pleasure to have you with me in enjoying a short-time tour on Japanese fan culture.
Some people say that Japanese fan is a "moving museum of paintings and crafting arts" or "condense of universe into a small fan leaf". As a matter of fact, Japanese art is art of "miniature size, palm size or portable size". A very good example is Netsuke, a palm size sculpture, so is a fan. Fan is a portable art or moving museum of paint and craft. If I am given another opportunity to speak, I will be delighted to talk about Urushi-inlay techniques that may be applied on Japanese fan sticks, or fan paintings of various fan painters. Kano School of painters and Rinpa School are famous in fan painting. I will be glad to explain how framing or abbreviation make difference in fan painting. In other words, "let viewers imagine what is not painted" is a key word for a fan painter. Painter Sakai Houitsu is my favourite painter as he is the expert in my opinion in dynamic design of "abbreviation"
From Kanji Ishizumi
Please provide me your mail address and I can send you some booklets and small gift once I receive the documents from Mr. Ishizumi in September.

With Regards,
Yoshihiro Nihei
The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
333 S. Grand Ave., Suite 2250
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Kanji Ishizumi's presentation on Japanese fan in Los Angeles, Japan Foundation on August 4, 2010

Thank you for your coming to Ishizumi Fan Exhibition(May 24, 2010)

I should like to express a special thanks to those of you who visited Ishizumni Art Fan Exhibition Spring 2010 at Shorein Monseki, one of the most beautiful garden in Kyoto city, Japan.  It was my greatest honor to have a presence of you at the Exhibition. Some people came from Europe and some from Singapore.  I really thank to your long travel to Kyoto, Japan.
Coincidentally, there was an exhibition in Osaka City Museum which presents 287 collection of fans of the Konoike Business Group in Edo Period. Konoike was the famous merchant in Osaka in 18th and 19th century. They exhibited 287 fans whereas Ishizumi Fan Exhibition in Kyoto city held at the same time exhibited about 150 fans. The difference between the two exhibitions is that Ishizumi Fan Exhibition focuses contemporary fans as well as modern fans made 20th and the present century painted by current fan painters in Japan as well as in Europe and America.

Ishizumi & Co. will make its best effort to support the contemporary fan artists throughout the world to promote the Japanese fan art to the world. I, the head of Ishizumi & Co., express a special thanks to all of you and hope I will meet you again in fall 2010 exhibition.

Ishizumi Art Fan Exhibition in Kyoto, Japan
Kanji Ishizumi


Lunchtime Talk
HARVARD UNIVERSITY Office of the President
The Art of Japanese Fans Past and Present